Sleeping Baby


Ad Hoc Baby Massage classes to suit you 

At So Therapy we believe that every person is unique and when it comes to baby massage not everyone likes a group setting. SO Therapy therefore offers private classes in the comfort of your own home or via zoom. Perhaps this is just for you and baby or maybe your partner or a family member that would like to be involved too. Trained and qualified under the IAIM, SO Therapy will teach you the art of how to massage your baby in a safe and effective way. Suitable from birth upwards, any session can be tailored to suit you and baby, from tummy sessions, to legs and feet, together we can choose what will suit baby and you best.

Benefits of baby massage

There are so many benefits to baby massage. Apart from being a great way to bond with your baby, here are just a few more.

  • Encourages deeper/better sleep (Their parasympathetic nervous system kicks in)

  • Aids digestion (chest and tummy massage)

  • Relieves colic and reflux (chest massage)

  • Relieves constipation (Tummy massage)

  • Relaxes baby (soothing and comforting as the parent massages baby)

  • improves circulation (gentle massage stokes encourage blood flow)

  • helps muscle tone for when baby starts to crawl and stand

  • Relaxes the parent (Oxytocin is released when parent massages baby)