Mama's Bunch










Mama's Bunch was established in 2019 by SO Therapy because we realised that parents were struggling to take time out for themselves. This is a much loved service amongst mamas out there. Mama's bunch allows mums (or dads) to get a massage whilst their baby/s are looked after by their trusted mum/dad friends. The babies get to play together and interact, whilst each mum/dad gets to relax with a tailored massage of their choice. Taking it in turns really does work and we offer morning, afternoon or whole day sessions. 

How to plan for a Mama's Bunch session:

Step 1. 

Gather your parent friends and choose a house to host the Mama's Bunch at.

Step 2. 

Once you have decided on a home and have a date in mind, contact me and we can look at dates to arrange your Mama's Bunch session. 


Step 3.


I will come to the chosen house on the day as planned and provide a 10-15 minute massage for each parent. Knowing that your child is being safely looked after by your mama friends will mean you can rest and relax with a massage of your choice. 

I have held many Mama's Bunch sessions and it is a great way to gather your mum friends and babies and enjoy some time together. The babies always seem to have a great time too! Just contact me if you have any questions. Also, why not take a look at the testimonials from some of the mums who have attended a Mama's Bunch session with me.

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