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Manual Lymphatic Drainage post Vaser Lip

Consultants are highly recommending Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) sessions following any Vaser procedure. MLD is a gentle massage technique that helps to unblock and drain the lymphatic system, effectively reducing swelling, pain and the possibility of fluid lumps forming after your procedure. MLD will assist the body in removing toxins from your body and boosting the immune system.


As a qualified MLD specialist, I have worked with many clients following their Vaser procedures, if required I will communicate with the consultant at the clinic to discuss and arrange a suitable number of MLD sessions to ensure maximum aftercare results are obtained.  

Contouring massages can also be carried out after or during your MLD sessions with me

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Massage techniques that are tailored just for you. Whether that's for a relaxation purpose or to target your areas of pain, tension or oedema, our aim is to give you instant and ongoing relief that will help you to feel the best you can.

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At SO Therapy we understand that everyone is unique. We pride ourselves in listening to how we can help you to feel the best you can.


If neck or back pain is giving you sleepless nights, affecting your mobility or affecting your emotional wellbeing, SO Therapy can ease your tension areas by relaxing those muscle groups and stretching them to give you relief.

If you are suffering from oedema (swelling) or have recently undergone surgery, Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD) will assist your body's lymphatic system to reduce the oedema and encourage the natural healing process.

Specialist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage


SO Therapy provides the following services:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

Deep Tissue Massage

Baby Massage Tutorials

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