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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Water Purification Treatment

What is a MLD Massage?

MLD is a natural and therapeutic light touch massage which combines a specific type of massage stroke with a particular pressure. This type of massage encourages our lymphatic system to drain to it's best potential with the benefit of clearing any blockages that may be present in the system. It is a specialised technique that must be carried out by a trained therapist to ensure it's effectiveness. Working at skin level, the practitioner will use rhythmic and sequenced hand movements, working with the lymphatic vessels, one component of the lymphatic system.

Our Lymphatic system plays a vital role in our body's immune response and is responsible for returning fluid to the circulatory system, without our Lymphatic system we would experience a build up of fluid in our tissues. In some situations, our lymphatic system can become overwhelmed, this is often seen in post surgery cases or after other trauma to the body has occurred and swelling is present. The Lymphatic system will do it's very best to drain this excess fluid from our tissues, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. This is where MLD comes in. Unlike our cardiovascular system it does not have it's own pumping system and therefore relies on us to move, a respiratory pump and MLD when necessary.


Who is it suitable for?


  1. Lymphatic System Maintenance: MLD involves gentle, rhythmic strokes and pumping movements that aim to stimulate the lymphatic system. By promoting the flow of lymph fluid, MLD helps to remove toxins, waste products, excess fluid, and cellular debris from the tissues. This can enhance the efficiency of the lymphatic system in maintaining a healthy immune response and proper fluid balance. Those who report feeling 'sluggish' or 'fatigued' can benefit.

  2. Detoxification: Through its effects on lymphatic flow, MLD can support the body's natural detoxification processes. By assisting in the removal of waste products and toxins from the tissues, MLD may help reduce the burden on the body's detoxification organs, such as the liver and kidneys. Those who have been on a course of antibiotics or other medication may find this beneficial.

  3. Oedema Reduction: MLD is commonly used to manage oedema, which is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with lymphedema, a condition characterized by swelling due to impaired lymphatic drainage. MLD techniques help to mobilize stagnant lymph fluid and direct it towards functioning lymphatic pathways, potentially reducing swelling and improving tissue fluid balance.

  4. Post-Surgery Recovery: MLD is often recommended as part of post-surgical care, especially after procedures such as liposuction or lymph node removal. It can help reduce post-operative swelling, promote healing, and improve scar tissue formation by supporting lymphatic drainage in the affected areas.

  5. Enhanced Immune Function: The lymphatic system plays a vital role in immune function by filtering and trapping pathogens, bacteria, and foreign substances. By promoting lymphatic flow and reducing stagnation, MLD may support the immune system's ability to detect and eliminate harmful substances, potentially enhancing overall immune function.

  6. Relaxation and Stress Reduction: MLD techniques involve gentle, rhythmic movements that can induce a sense of relaxation and promote a parasympathetic response in the body. This can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and support overall well-being.

  7. Fibromyalgia: MLD can help to reduce inflammation and pain in joints that many people with fibromyalgia report, particularly around the hips and elbow areas.

  8. Aesthetic: Many people come for body definition reasons, this has recently included facial definition and limb definition

  9. Sinus relief: Following a cold or virus, many seek MLD for clearance to their sinus and throat areas, it can be incredibly effective in helping to assist blockages that may have formed. 

     Please get in touch to discuss your MLD Treatment.

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