Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Water Purification Treatment

What is MLD Massage?

MLD is a natural and therapeutic light touch massage which combines a specific type of massage stroke with a particular pressure. This type of massage encourages our lymphatic system to drain to it's best potential with the benefit of clearing any blockages that may be present in the system. It is a specialised technique that must be carried out by a trained therapist to ensure it's effectiveness. Working at skin level, the practitioner will use rhythmic and sequenced hand movements, working with the lymphatic vessels, one component of the lymphatic system.

Our Lymphatic system plays a vital role in our body's immune response and is responsible for returning fluid to the circulatory system, without our Lymphatic system we would experience a build up of fluid in our tissues. In some situations, our lymphatic system can become overwhelmed, this is often seen in post surgery cases or after other trauma to the body has occurred and swelling is present. The Lymphatic system will do it's very best to drain this excess fluid from our tissues, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. This is where MLD comes in. Unlike our cardiovascular system it does not have it's own pumping system and therefore relies on us to move, a respiratory pump and MLD when necessary.


Who is it suitable for?

Post Surgery/cosmetic surgery - I see clients who have had Vaser liposuction and liposuction. MLD can assist the lymphatic system to ensure no hard pockets of fluid are formed following the surgery. Recovery is as important as the procedure itself. MLD treatment can also be used following any form of surgery, fracture or localised trauma.

Fat dissolvable injections - MLD will help dispersion and even distribution to the treated area. In addition, it is a good idea to receive MLD to help the lymphatic system in the removal of waste from your system.

Immune boost - receive MLD to help boost your lymphatic system and clear away any toxins that may be circulating your system, lymph stagnation can impede the body's immunological response. MLD is extremely relaxing and will trigger your parasympathetic system acting as a calming effect.

Pregnancy - Women who suffer with swollen legs and ankles find MLD relaxing and beneficial. 

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