Customer Reviews

My Client's feedback means so much to me, helping me to continue to offer and provide the very best service.

'Sam provides a calming environment and always checks if we are ok allowing baby to go at own pace, feed, cry etc'

'the classes were really calming and friendly. I found the tummy massage really helped with wind and constipation. It was a lovely bonding session with my baby'

'We loved attending the massage sessions, I'm not always confident with group classes but really enjoyed coming to see Sam each week as she made me feel confident and relaxed'

'she (baby) is now very calm and sleeps longer overnight I was taught how to massage my baby and the theory behind it. thank you Sam for these sessions'

Thanks Sam for a great 5 weeks! Martha particularly liked the tummy massage & I left feeling really relaxed too. such a great class!


We have loved meeting new local friends whilst bonding with baby! Sam you are so welcoming and friendly, we have really enjoyed it, thank you!

Kelly and Sebbie


We started baby massage at 7 weeks and it has now become a standard part of our evening routine.It is so relaxing and I feel it has created such a special bond between mummy and baby. Sam is so patient and respects all the baby needs.


Gabriella has loved Baby Massage especially her feet and legs. During a baby massage she's  much calmer and her skin has improved just using the oils! It has also been great meeting other mums

Jo and Gabriella


MLD Reviews


I went to see Sam after having a cosmetic surgery procedure. My surgeon had suggested I book several sessions of MLD post operatively to improve the overall aesthetic appearance and aid healing. Once I found Sam's info online I gave her a call and was immediately reassured. Warm and friendly on the phone and she had lots of experience working with cosmetic surgery patients. I had about 11 sessions with Sam with great results!  


My Son developed an ear Infection, Sam suggested I bring him along for a few sessions so she could drain the build up of fluid around his head/ear area. Other than not feeling well his head didn't look full of fluid, I watched Sam work and I could see his face gaining more definition and his cheek bones becoming more prominent. My son fell asleep during the treatment as it feels so gentle and he hadnt slept well due to his ear pain but the MLD seemed to relieve it massively! 


Great results, I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to any friends and family and now I understand MLD, any operation big or small my family or I have, MLD will be part of the recovery process.